« Between the Earth and the Sky, doubt and the unknown are twin allies in the search for the Essential »

« One corner of my mind, at the most intense moments in my adventures, is often preparing what I will say about them later. This is why I felt the need to write down all those fleeting impressions that I hoped would last for ever. My books have no purpose other than to make readers want to surpass their own limitations - not on land, in the air or on water but in their inner selves. »

« Story-telling is in a sense a way of prolonging the present moment, and that's why I enjoy writing. »
Bertrand Piccard

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« I am very much alone in flight. Of course, this solitude promotes concentration, a certain form of awareness, and above all a sense that one is fully present at any given moment. But after landing, all that just constitutes one more barrier to communication. When I am asked to relate what I have experienced, I can only offer little gobbets of information, since at that point I am no longer in the heart of the experience. This is why, at the most intense moments I live through, one corner of my min is sometimes preparing what I will say later.
And one day I felt the need to bring all these "live” impressions together in a book. So as to be less alone in flight. »
Bertrand Piccard
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